Milked Memories

Turning Breastmilk & Formula Into Sacred Pieces To Cherish Forever.

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Milked Memories turns your breastmilk or formula into keepsakes to celebrate, honour and remind you of the incredible gift you provide your children. Mama to mama, we see you.


Our pieces are made by mamas, for mamas, with the intent of celebrating and honouring EVERY mothers feeding journey.

every piece made with intention

Birthed from a place of honouring my own sisters feeding journey, Milked Memories has been created from a space of celebration and deep honouring of the gift we mamas are.

All parts of our process are by mamas, for mamas.

Every step of your journey with Milked Memories has been intentionally and loving curated with you in mind so you feel SEEN, cared for & deeply celebrated.



I'm Peppi - the Mama behind Milked Memories (and this is Bobbi)

I came across the art of breastmilk jewellery when searching for a way to honour my sisters breastfeeding journey and fell in love with the idea and process of it all.

Breast feeding Bobbi wasn’t always easy and the first 5 months of her life consisted of us basically cluster feeding the whole time. It pushed me to my absolute limits, but being the two most suborn humans known in this world- we persevered.

And the reminders of what an incredible thing I was doing along the way helped so much.

Which is why Milked Memories is so special to me.

the milked memories process

1. you place your order

Choosing from a range of styles, sizes and colour options. Once you find the piece you love, your order is placed and in our loving hands.

2. we receive your milk/formula

You've either selected to drop it off to us or you're sending your milk/formula our way, either way your milk/formula is then on it's way to us.

3. the creation begins

This step is the most in depth (and where the magic happens mama). Through a process of defrosting (we store your milk when it arrives until we are ready to start your order), heating, drying out and crushing your breastmilk is crafted into a sacred piece to cherish forever.


Like we said, every part of this process is lovingly curated with YOU in mind. Including the packing. We package up your piece, adding our own unique touch, and either ship your new keepsake or arrange for drop off/pickup.

5. she is in your hands

Our favourite part, she arrives in your hands for you to wear in celebration of the incredible gift YOU are and the journey you've been on/are on as a mama.